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STREET UNI X is classic extreme sports gaming at it's best, on one wheel!

This game is EVERYTHING great about the PS1 and early PS2 era of extreme sports video games with one integral twist... it's about STREET UNICYCLING!!!

This game is IN DEVELOPMENT, PRE-ALPHA, which means it's not done yet! There will be more features, more playable characters, more levels, more secrets, and more of more, and less bugs as things move forward. 

Gamepad with a comfy DPad STRONGLY recommended

"It's kind of sick"
-Jeff Gertsmann

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Early Access

Pre-order the game and receive a DRM free copy of the game on PC platforms the moment of release, including a steam key when it becomes available there. You also receive access to development builds as the game progresses.

You will get access to the following files:

street-uni-x-linux-dev.zip 200 MB
Version 20200411
street-uni-x-osx-dev.zip 188 MB
Version 20200411
street-uni-x-win32-dev.zip 184 MB
Version 20200411
street-uni-x-win64-dev.zip 186 MB
Version 20200411

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