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Extreme sports gaming at it's best, on one wheel · By daffodil


Recent updates

Dev build Update - 20191016
Dev Builds updated 20191016 CHANGE LOG Implemented Stat Effects Fixed a few animation transition issues Fixed issue with riding speed limit when not holding jum...
4 files — 20191016
Dev build Update - 20191012
Dev Builds updated 20191012 CHANGE LOG Implemented new coasting tricks Added office chair sounds Experimenting with Downtown Level layout Iterated on mystery ch...
4 files — 20191012
Dev build Update - 20191003
Dev Builds updated 20191003 CHANGE LOG Added mysterious new character Who is this? Noob Saibot? Dark Link? Shadow the Hedgehog? I'm not sure but they showed up...
4 files — 20191003
Dev Build Update - 20191002
Dev Builds updated 20191002 CHANGE LOG Bumpable objects can now make sounds Implemented water barrel SFX Iterated on office monitor model Textured office monito...
4 files — 20191002
Dev Build Update - 20191001
Dev Builds updated 20191001 CHANGE LOG Included Glass Testing Gym with build Bumpable objects can now break glass Implemented some office furniture Other small...
4 files — 20191001
Dev build Update - 20190923
Dev Builds updated 20190923 CHANGE LOG Implemented Save Game Data High Scores per level now save between gameplay sessions Added "End Run" option to pause menu...
4 files — 20190923
Dev build Update - 20190919
Dev Builds updated 20190919 CHANGE LOG Updated Kyle Alviani's unicycle model and texture Fixed some bugs with pedals during riding and character select animatio...
Demo build Update - 8
Demo Builds updated to version 8 CHANGE LOG Updated jump prepare animation Scores now display comma separated Fixed big issue with camera jittering especially a...
4 files — 8

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