Dev build Update - 20200411

Dev Builds and Demo build updated 20200411


  • Added placeholder FMV Intro
  • Added Roos Seegers as a playable character
  • Improved Downtown textures and layout
  • Incorporated grinds into the gaps system
  • Added many new gaps
  • and MORE!!!

It's been a while folks. I've been isolating and struggling to find the energy and focus to put into making this game better!! Finally finished Roos Seegers, a new playable rider I've been working with to get her into the game, making her STREET UNI X's first female rider!! I'm stoked to finally have some female representation in the game proper, and hope you enjoy playing as her!

Other additions include a new intro video to help iron on the EXTREME SPORTS flavour, and to ensure that people who have never seen street unicycling before get SOME idea of what it's like before jumping into the game. 

Other stuff has been added, tuned, and fixed here and there as well.

I'll also let you know, if you're one of the paltry few even reading this, that cheat codes as they are currently implemented are entered on the character select screen by looking in different directions. Codes are 8 directions long. Try this one: Up Up Up Down Up Up Up Down

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Version 20200411 Apr 12, 2020 226 MB
Version 20200411 Apr 12, 2020 223 MB
Version 20200411 Apr 12, 2020 226 MB
Version 20200411 Apr 12, 2020


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Dont get discouraged, the game is looking great :)