Dev build Update - 20210807

Dev build Update - 20210807

Changes Include:

  • gap list
  • "new gap found" popup
  • game save data saves gap completion data

Hey folks! Gap checklists are mostly done! They are functional now, and there are popups the first time you land a new gap. The gaps you have completed save into the save data!
With that, because I messed with the structure of the save data to figure gaps into the equation, i expect you will encounter some bugs if you have existing save files from earlier builds. If things seem to be acting weirder than usual, try resetting your save data, it may take three or four tries and a game reset to really clear it out. Anyways preemptive problem solving aside, enjoy the new dev builds! This gap functionality is a huge task to get checked off the todo list. Im thinking i'm gonna have a go at game completion unlocks next. There are some very silly surprises lurking around the corner I can't wait for y'all to get your paws on

thanks for paying attention, and for supporting me finishing this game
it's really one of very few driving forces in my life right now, aside from unicycling itself, so any and all interactions of support fill me with the strength and endurance to keep working!

i love yall


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Version 20210725 Aug 08, 2021


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