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It still does what it says on the box.

Hey, This game is super chill and i really enjoyed it!


Hey, You are super chill, and I really enjoyed you!
Love from daffodil

Hey thanks! I really appreciate the love!

Finally: the HD remake of the Atari classic Venetian Blinds we've all been waiting for!


I cant interact with nothing but blinds lamp dont turn on cant intreact scary at dark feel like jumpscare






Blinds Are Blinds.

Sure are!


As someone who makes blinds for a living I have to ask, I hope you have the more modern chain variety available as well.

Could you link me to a photo and/or video demonstration of the type you are requesting?


Here than

I can send you loads of other types and models too, including vertical blinds made of strings or blinds made of crepé.


Does what it says on the box.